More Pictures

Just a heads up, I updated the “Photography” page with some recent pictures I took. It’s a pain in the ass uploading them all at once, so I should really quit being lazy and just do it immediately. My procrastination continues to haunt me.

Anyway, I wanted to share this picture in particular. In Maryland, I was accustomed to the whole state  shutting down and preparing for the apocalypse in the event of the smallest snowstorm. At the very least, people would just drive like assholes, doing 10 mph down the highway on their journey to rid the local grocery store of bread, milk and toilet paper. Not here. This road has a 65 mph posted speed limit, and you better believe that’s what everyone was doing – or at least something over 50. And the plows do just that, plow the road. There is no salt, and if anything, the road crews simply spread sand and/or gravel. Definitely a different world.


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