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I Woke Up Older…

For the longest time, I had difficulty pinpointing what my biggest fear was. Usually, I’d just write it off as spiders, seeing as their eight legs, (anything more than six freaks me out) multiple eyes, and the sometimes hairy bodies they possess puts me completely on edge. If I come across one, I develop a minor bout of anxiety until it is removed. Worst case scenario would be if I saw a spider in my bedroom and the little bastard got away from me – I know that thing is going to either A) sneak up on me when I leas expect it, or B) crawl into my mouth while I’m sleeping to possibly lay its eggs inside some microscopic cavity of my esophagus. At least in the latter scenario, my stomach acids would put an end to the eight-legged creature’s existence in a natural way that would not leave me with the guilt of “playing god,” rather, it would just be nature taking its course.

But yesterday – March 8, 2012 – will mark the date in which I, undoubtedly, realized what my greatest fear in life is: getting old.

All week I was running around, working two jobs, moving into a new apartment and squeezing in some snowboarding in whatever spare time that I could find. Without any furniture, I found myself sleeping on the floor until I was able to pick up a pull-out couch from the local thrift store. The mattress was what I expected – thin and offering no real comfort or support, but hey, it was better than the floor. Couple that with moving my bear of a television set, and a t-bone collision with some ignorant “I’m from Texas and am the ultimate skier, so you have to yield to me despite you being the downhill rider who possesses the right of way-asshole,” my back became (so it felt) all but broken. I honestly cannot remember experiencing a pain worse than this throughout my existence.

So, when I woke up yesterday, finding it extremely difficult to even muster the energy to get out of bed, I began to think, “Is this what getting older is going to be like?” I mean, realistically, my body is going to deteriorate no matter what initiatives I take to slow it down. I’m a pretty active person, I eat healthy and I do my best to take good care of my body. And sure, I’m assuming this “injury” will come and pass after a few days, but it really got me worried about the future. I imagine my consecutive hours spent snowboarding will one day decrease, and those days of riding eight hours straight without breaking for food, water or just rest, will be a thing of the past.

And what about when I do have another injury? I imagine it will take longer to recover with age, and, on top of it, I imagine these injuries will become more frequent. Instead of just ignoring what I now consider to be “bumps and bruises,” will I find myself couch-ridden for days on end?

Maybe I’m just getting a little frustrated knowing that I have to take it easy the next few days (especially when I have some of my best friends in Shane, Josh and Annie out on vacation), and that’s what’s bringing me down. Either way, I hate to think about one day not being able to snowboard, ride my bike, or even worse, make it out of bed. As much as we all try to prevent it, getting old is one of the few guarantees in life, and honestly, it sucks – not just the fact that it happens, but because it is happening and it’s going to forever be a weight on my back (figuratively and literally at the moment).

Anyway, I just hope this is a minor injury that will pass within the next few days. For now, ibuprofen and bed are my best friends, and thew two of them don’t seem to be bringing much to the table. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with a pulled back muscle, or what I should/shouldn’t do in taking care of it, I’m all ears. But hey, at least now I know spiders aren’t my biggest fear, and I think that’s a step in the right direction to not being some pansy who’s going to run and cry at the sight of an insect.

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Seeing this out of the window each day, there really is no reason to complain.

Yup, I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming, despite how often I told myself I wouldn’t let it happen. When was my last post? Oh, right, November – Thanksgiving to be exact.

Let’s see, what types of excuses can I make? How about one of these:

  • My internet sucked, and I couldn’t post anything due to technical issues
  • I’ve been too busy with work
  • I’ve been too busy riding (I’d like to go with this one)
  • I got mauled by a mountain lion
  • There is nothing exciting going on in my life
  • I’ve invested my spare time in more worthwhile endeavors (reading, job hunting, painting, solving world hunger, riding, video games, bar-hopping, couch potato-ing, etc.)
  • I’m too damn lazy

Regardless, the past few months have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride, and as much as I’d like to label that a viable excuse, it’s actually the complete opposite. This whole project was to keep track of my experiences – good and bad – and, as you can see, I’ve failed at doing exactly that. But, here I am, and the time has come to play a bit of catch-up.

Where to start? Well, this winter has been extremely odd, but perhaps frustrating is a better adjective. In a perfect world, I would have moved out here, secured a good job, settled into a decent living arrangement and woke up to fresh pow every morning. But as luck would have it, none of those things fell so easily into place. I’ve been working at a YMCA, getting paid shit, living in a windowless dorm room that’s a constant 90 degrees, and adhering to juvenile rules that ban alcohol possession/consumption (among countless other things) from 24-year-olds such as myself. On top of that, Mother Nature has wanted to be a bitch to all of us this season, and rather than the typical 300+ inches of snow that Colorado is used to, we’ve seen about 150. And it’s almost mid-March.

Locals have told me that this has been the worst winter since the mid 70s. Go figure.

But before I convince anyone that I’m battling a serious doubt of depression, I’ve actually been having the time of my life. The weather is going to be what it is – there’s no changing that. And at the end of the day, snowboarding is still snowboarding, whether there is two feet of powder on the ground, or an inch of solid ice. Plus, winter has already packed its bags on the east coast (or did it ever even arrive?) and I’m still looking to ride well into May – can’t say I’d rather be back home. On top of it, the past two weeks have been borderline epic – snow every day, thrown in with one ridiculous powder day, which will easily go down as one of my most memorable days of riding…ever.

As for my shitty-paying job and equally-as-bad living arrangements, I’ve finally dealt with them, banishing them to the rear file cabinets of my memory to collect dust. Perhaps they can find camaraderie with the one time I tried to play rec council basketball, or that brief time span when driving to Essex on a regular basis seemed appealing. Ugh.

So, I guess that’s sort of a streamlined story of the past three of four months of my life. Colorado has proven to be an amazing place, filled with equally amazing people and opportunities – and that’s after just being here for the winter. I keep hearing how incredible the summers are, so despite Old Man Winter preparing for hibernation, I can’t say I’m really all that upset. There are still plenty of exciting things to look forward to: mountain biking, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and, seeing as there is always snow to be found somewhere, snowboarding. Hopefully, as we transition into warmer months, I’ll be less of a ghost and display a little more motivation in regards to writing.

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